Our Mila Memories

Your beautiful funny faces when you were little and your alert…i’m checking out the whole world eyes.

How much you did not like the first time we tried to breast feed!  (mommy did not like it either!)

Wet kisses (4-6 months) when you were on the changing table.

Tickling your cheek with Mommy’s hair.

How much you loved to play with the measuring spoons we hung on your baby seat. You loved the fun virbrating toys you could pull down too.

Jumping up and down in your jumpy seat with big smiles

Getting big enough to pull the hanging toys on your lamb swing…the machine would go click click click.

How much you loved loved the (used – from consigment shop) sesame street activity learner – you loved elmmo who would sing.

Crying in your car seat – early on you were not much of a fan of the car seat!

How happy and smiley you were every morning when you would wake up…kicking smiling and ready to start a new day.

I would sing you rock a bye baby, you are my sunshine, itsy bitsy spider (u loved watching mommy’s hands on this song) and little
bunny foo foo.

How much you loved your baby einstein mobile

Your loud screams of glee when learning your voice. One awesome memory was at Changs…were u were using your voice – alot!

How much you loved and played with your toys that stuck to your high chair – this was the most fun part of eating!

Your funny funny poopy face.

How proud mommy was of taking you anywhere and showing you off!

Daddy use to show you airplanes…you would look up in the sky and watch the planes…we use to think you would be a pilot!
Any time a plane would go buy daddy would point it out and you would follow it with your eyes.

You did not like laying on your stomach!  you will still fall straigh over if we tried to sit you up with “no hands”
and you were just learning to put more pressure on your feet

You did not really love your rice cereal – but once you go to fruits, applesauce and veggies – you loved your food!
This is when your face starting getting a little chubbier!

Your loved Tiger and your little blanket bunny….

Lazy baby mornings…play with mommy…take an awesome nap snuggled up next to mommy…wake up and play with mommy and daddy in bed.

Football Saturday’s with Mommy, Daddy and your Goddaddy Adam.

Spitty Spitty spice…you had Gerd and would spit up lots!  you were always good at getting mommy and daddy and anyone else who held you!

Your one & only two hour nap..when Granny and Granpop were watching you!  You my angel were not much of a napper once you go a little older…we usually got 15- 20 min naps from you.

How much fun we had blowing on your belly, tickling you and making you laugh.

Once you got old enough…you found your toes!  you loved pulling on your toes, putting them in your mouth…and always pulling off your socks!

We had lots of happy family times on your changing table…this was were you liked to play and laugh with mommy and daddy.
This is also where you would get us sometimes when we let you go sans diaper even for a minute!

You never did like baths very much!  (must take after daddy ;)

You were the apple and joy in daddy’s eye. He use to scream I’m happy around the house. He loved you soooo much angel.

We use to take you to Wegmans in your car seat and seat you right next to us when we ate at the little cafe.

You still had stork bites (angel kisses) on your eyelids that were bright pink

You and bibs (we dr.suess fish bib) you made quite a mess!  we used to joke that you needed a bib for your bib!

How you couldn’t roll over very well and we would always have to assist you with your arm
How much you did NOT like tummy time!

When we thought your bum :) needed air and we took your diaper off and you pooped all ovr

Mommy bought you prune baby food and prune juice when she even THOUGHT you might be starting to get constipated.

How you grabbed a little girls hand in the mall (mommy was asking for a diaper) when it was all slobbered on – it was very funny
to mommy and daddy.

How you would always pee on the changing table when daddy took your diaper off

Wegmans trips  How people would mention you must be new by your cute little baby cry

Going to the pediatricain – and getting your checkups and measurements

Putting on your clothes  – especially frilly dresess, cuddly pj’s and cute jeans

using your voice and saying mamamamamamamamamama

taking you to the mall – mommy forgot to bring diapers and I had to ask another mother. You reached out with your big slobbed on hand and grabbed the other babies hand.

taking you to Craig’s for footballl game and laying you next to emily – you were very big next to your tiny cousin!

You watching mommy blow dry her hair in the mornings

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