We Remember…

We Remember…

Mila we remember….

Mila… Mom and Dad remember every moment of your life… from the second you came into this world our lives were filled with joy. We remember a 5.8 lb baby girl… you were so very small.. the doctor’s said you were in the 3 percentile but mommy didn’t believe that all! Even before you were born we knew how lucky we would be… When you were still in my belly we named you Baby Bella…we have an entire scrapbook of just your sonogram pictures. Daddy named you Mila which means miracle, and that is exactly what you will always be… our angel, our baby, our Mila, our Miracle.

Mila we remember how much you made us laugh..from playing with your toes, to your screams of fun and glee,  you liked to look and touch everything in front of you… you were discovering your world. You pulled your socks and grabbed your toes, you cuddled Tiger and laughed with Elmo and friends. You were just discovering how to stand and sit and jump.

Mila we remember so many precious moment with you… your last night night before you went to heaven we took you on your first wagon ride around the neighborhood… we couldn’t wait take you again.  Our hopes our dreams were centered around all the things to come.

Mila we remember, your soft cheeks, your baby smell, the stork bites on your eyes,  your chubby little thighs… we miss you like we just kissed you goodbye yesterday.

Mila – you are a part of me, I held you  in my belly and tried to protect you and keep you safe everyday. I miss you more than I can take sometimes… my never ending love for your runs through every part of me. You are my greatest joy, the best thing I ever did. My heart, my soul is forever broken without you  – the anguish and pain live right next to me every day.  Mila – just know we love you, we remember and we wish you were here with us.

We remember like it was yesterday…

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