Mommy’s Tribute to Mila

Mommy’s Tribute to Mila


This is what mommy wrote to celebrate her angel – this was from Mila’s memorial service on 3/27/10.


Mila was a happy baby..almost from the start

From hiccups to the spit up, she didn’t seem to mind
She’d upke right down your shirt or pants
and giggle right behind

Every morning she woke up with a smile and baby chatter
Whether it was 5, 6 or 7 am it didn’t seem to matter

I would peer dodwn in her crib each early morning day
greeted by her precious heart warming smile with
arms streched out..saying “mommy let’s play!”

I would scoop her up with hugs & kisses
She had that delicious smell
For anyone who is a parent, you know it all too well

I called her my delicious baby and bit those chubby cheeks
She would pull my hair and face down next to her
with wet kisses of her own
It was those quiet precious tender heart momments that I will always own

We would start the day peering through the window so mommy could show and tell
the exciting welcoming of spring…so she could see and touch the world i knew so well

Our most special moments were always the ones spent on her changing table
rasberries and kisses with Mila showing “mommy watch me grab my toes – i’m quite able”

Singing songs, eskimo and butterfly kisses, and all the funny noises
pulling of daddy’s beard and mommy’s hair – even the first time she stood up happened
just right there

Mommy was so proud of her red haired, blue-eyed girl
A gift straight from heaven and taken away to soon
Mommys sends you kisses from here all the way to the moon

Etched in my heart forever is her perfect smile and her words trying to say
“ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma”
I love your precious angel

You are my sunshine…my only sunshine.

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